The SafeTbench was developed to provide users a safer alternative to other olympic benches.  Its heavy duty design is suited for commercial environments.  The adjustable safety arms allow users to adjust the lowest point the bar can reach offering protection from serious injury.  The adjustable uprights offer a more comfortable lift off and racking point based on the users arm length.

Even with an experienced spotter accidents can occur.  The SafeTbench provides another layer of protection.  We are committed to a higher standard in the industry with a superior product that can significantly reduce the risk of serious injury. Call us today to order yours 605-660-3344!
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Our Purpose...

The SafeTbench is designed to help reduce the chances of accidents happening during weight lifting. Below are two examples of what can go wrong if the correct safety procedures are not in place. We hope we can make a difference by making the SafeTbench available for everyone.

Iowa man dies following weightlifting accident

USC running back hurt in weight-room accident

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